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Giving flowers for an anniversary is a lovely way to express love and appreciation. Flowers symbolize beauty, freshness, and care. When you send flowers to your lover, it shows that you are thinking of them and appreciate the time you have spent together. This little deed can make your lover feel special and appreciated. Flower by Bee will help you strengthen your relationship by providing fresh and lovely wedding anniversary flowers.

Affordable Anniversary Florist In Brentwood

Celebrate Love with Customized Wedding Anniversary Flowers – Crafted to Perfection for Your Special Day!

Surprise Your Better Half with a Bunch of Red Roses.

Fresh flowers are a classic and refined gift, especially when you are celebrating another happy year of marriage. Nevertheless, avoid selecting a haphazard bouquet from the grocery store.  Your anniversary will be remembered thanks to Flower By Bee’s exquisite arrangements for it. 

As one of the best flower shops in Brentwood, Flower by Bee provides flowers for various anniversary years that express your feelings for your partner. 

Here is the list of the wedding anniversary flowers that we offer.

  • Carnation for 1st anniversary 

Carnations have traditionally been associated with youthful, passionate love because of their vivid, youthful bloom.

  • Cosmos for 2nd anniversary

Couples get an increased understanding of what marriage involves by the time they are in their second year of marriage. The love of a newlywed couple is perfectly captured by Cosmos’ deep beauty.

  • Sunflower for 3rd anniversary

A third-year marriage has a solid base, much like the strong stem of a sunflower. The sunflower, which is always pointed toward the sun, stands for both the difficulties the couple has already overcome and the joyous times to come.

  • Geranium for 4th anniversary

Geraniums symbolize the union of two individuals’ spirits, bodies, and minds. When a couple reaches their fourth wedding anniversary, they are genuinely at ease in their new responsibilities as husband and wife.

  • Daisy’s for 5th anniversary

Daisy flowers may seem like ordinary flowers at first glance, yet their structure and texture are remarkably interesting and unique. The daisy is a symbol of faithfulness and “lasting love.”

  • Daffodil for 10th anniversary

These flowers on your wedding anniversary represent how all of your little moments have come together to form one amazing existence.

  • Rose for the 15th anniversary

Most couples have experienced all of life together—the good, the bad, and the ugly—after 15 years of dating. Anniversary roses are the ideal method to express that your love is still as strong and intense as it was on your first anniversary, regardless of what has happened.

  • Aster for 20th anniversary

Asters were thought to have magical qualities that gave wisdom and knowledge to their users in history. And what better way to remember all that these two decades of marriage have taught you about each other and yourselves than with this beautiful flower?

  • Iris for the 25th anniversary

Irises are said to capture the essence, passion, and charm of Paris, making them a perfect choice to celebrate your 25 years of marriage. The iris, standing tall and colorful, symbolizes the fertility and power of your love. You two are both tall and brilliant no matter what.

  • Lily for the 30th anniversary

Lilies are frequently used to symbolize memory, remembering, and becoming a mother. The lily is the ideal flower to serve as a gentle reminder to stand back and consider everything that the two of you have done in the last thirty years.

  • Gladiolus for 40th Anniversary

The gladiolus flower, which derives from the Latin word “gladius,” which means “sword,” conveys to the one you love that even after a long period, they will always “pierce your heart.”

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